Driveway Repair

Do you have an crocodile in your driveway? You know, the kind of asphalt that just eats up your tires every time you come home? Call Whitman’s Asphalt to help you pave, coat and maintain your driveway so you can keep your home’s curb appeal at its peak. Our expert staff cleans, repairs and fills potholes as well as cracks. We will renew your driveway or parking lot to its former glory. Enjoy a nice driveway and an increase in property value with a driveway repair job done by Whitman’s Asphalt. With 30 years in the asphalt business, Whitman’s Asphalt can get rid of that pesky crocodile today!

Whitman’s Asphalt offers resurfacing, rubberized coating and sealers, flurry mixed sealers, tar and chip, hot level crack filling, residential, commercial, and industrial work. We are the complete asphalt and parking lot specialists. All of our work is guaranteed and our licensed, insured and dedicated staff remains committed to using the best materials available.

Asphalt Repair – Paving

Installing a new surface for your home or business is a serious investment, and here at Whitman’s Asphalt, we understand that. This is a job that needs to be done right the first time and doing it the job right is all we do. Whether it’s a path, a driveway, parking lot, or road, when it comes to paving, Whitman’s Asphalt is the best. With over 30 years in the business, you can trust the licensed pros at Whitman’s Asphalt to provide you with a long-lasting, professional paving job. We work with asphalt, concrete, pavers, and more! Whitman’s Asphalt will provide you with a beautiful, quality driveway or parking lot while adhering to your budget. You need a professional to install and maintain your driveway and parking lot surfaces, and with a lifetime of experience, Whitman’s Asphalt is at your service.

Asphalt Maintenance

Mother Nature can negatively affect any road surface, including asphalt. It is important to consider that by taking the time to properly care for and maintain your asphalt surface — with regular inspection, repair and sealcoating — you can extend the life of your asphalt in even the harshest weather conditions. Consider this: without proper maintenance and repair, an asphalt surface can break down in as little as three years, however, if properly maintained, that same surface can last up to 25 years, and it’s much less expensive to maintain a driveway or parking lot than to replace it. The licensed, insured professionals at Whitman’s Asphalt can assess your maintenance needs and address them before they get out of hand. You deserve a clean, well maintained driveway and parking area. We can make it happen.

Our asphalt repair and patch experts at Whitman’s Asphalt can inspect and fix any asphalt, concrete, or other surface and breathe new life into your property. Your curb appeal will increase, as will your property value. Whitman’s Asphalt has the expertise and equipment to complete residential, commercial and industrial driveways, roads, parking lots, drains, curbs, seal-coating, crack filling, and pavement making.


At Whitman’s Asphalt we have served St Petersburg and Tampa for many years with a high level of care and attention to detail. Our expertise in Driveway Repair has created a loyal customer following for our Driveway Repair service across St Petersburg and Tampa. No matter how challenging it may be for you to find an Asphalt Paving Contractor at Whitman’s Asphalt we make it easier for you by offering one of the best.

We take pride in making sure all our staff is well trained and committed to providing excellent customer service. Besides being great at Asphalt Paving Contractor we also provide the following additional services to St Petersburg and Tampa:

Residential Asphalt Pavement
Commercial Asphalt Repair
Residential Asphalt Repair

Bottom line is that until you give us a call and see how great we are at Driveway Repair you will not benefit from the same value in service as other customers in St Petersburg and Tampa who have tried our Driveway Repair. We love our customers and love serving them as well. We really make sure your needs are met and no issues relating to your Asphalt Paving Contractor experience arise with us.

All of us at Whitman’s Asphalt look forward to serving you with our Driveway Repair in St Petersburg and Tampa. Please give us a call today and experience how great we are at Asphalt Paving.